Why did the Lol players change their names? Riot Announces

Why did the Lol players change their names? Riot Announces
Okunuyor Why did the Lol players change their names? Riot Announces

The username changes were extremely annoying. Why did LoL have to go through this stage?

Many people completely did not believe in our first information about forced username changes. No wonder it seemed like a really strange move. Meanwhile, after a few weeks, there is still some confusion about the subject.

Riot answered the players’ questions and explained in detail why League of Legends had to go through this.


Why did you have to change the name?

Short answer: We need to update the account system to launch new games. When this update comes into effect, players with login names that are not globally unique (e.g. someone else in the other region is using the same name) can expect problems, so we asked all players whose usernames are duplicated to have them changed.  This only applies to the username you use to log into your League account. The change  does  not affect the summoner’s name.

Long answer: When preparing to launch new games, we need to rebuild the account system. The old system linked accounts to specific regions, which means that  we couldn’t release another game if it wasn’t split into the same regions as League of Legends. This was a problem, because different configuration of regions may appear in future games.


To solve this problem, each player must have a unique username, and currently there are plenty of duplicates on the servers. After activating the system of unique user names, people whose username is duplicated  will not be able to log in . We tried to develop a different way of operating the system, but we were unable to find a solution that would be reliable, secure and balanced for multi-platform games.

We would like this change to be less painful and uncomfortable. We know that having to change part of your player identity, even if it’s just the part that no one else can see, is annoying. We ask you to change your current login details now – before activating the unique username system – so that your experience of using other games is the best. We know that this process does not meet your expectations, and honestly, it does not meet ours. We work hard to make sure our new system takes all future requirements into account as much as possible, and to avoid a similar situation happening again.


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