When Does The 10th Season in LoL Start? – 9.25 Pbe

 When Does The 10th Season in LoL Start? – 9.25 Pbe
Okunuyor When Does The 10th Season in LoL Start? – 9.25 Pbe

The 2020 season, called 10 by Riot, is about to start soon.

League of Legends players are slowly getting ready for the new season. A mysterious entry appeared on the official League of Legends profile, suggesting that there are only a few days left until the new season.

According to the previous names, this would be the 2020 season, while Riot has also used a simple ten since the announcement of the Preseason.

Riot reveals that PBE is not used to balance new characters, and players complain that they are too strong

When will the 2020/10 season be?

On the official Facebook profile we read:

We are starting the countdown to the 10th ranked season at Summoner`s Rift! Which botlaner pair is your favorite?

Together with the short message and question the following graphic was attached:

Ten probably refers to the 10th anniversary, perhaps the full number of the season. All this would match the communication we currently have in the game client. 10.01 appears there.

Today we saw the countdown again, where Riot leaves no doubt. The new season will actually start in 9 days, January 10.

9 days to 10th season! Same and different … Elder Dragon is back with a whole new team boost! In what form are you most likely to try the destructive power of the dragon?

You can slowly get ready to fight!

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