What Will Riot Do In 2020? Are There Surprises? – LOL 10.2

What Will Riot Do In 2020? Are There Surprises? – LOL 10.2
Okunuyor What Will Riot Do In 2020? Are There Surprises? – LOL 10.2

Riot plans to improve events in 2020.

The creators presented their ideas for the upcoming events in 2020.

Game modes, more interesting missions and more references to lore

Rise up meddler wrote at the league of legends forum approximately the creator’s work on improving upcoming occasions / events.

Rioters have already introduced that they are that specialize in improving the first-class of missions or extra thrilling attractions for players. Some guarantees have already been positioned into exercise – before everything it was a better inclusion of tft in missions, then activities that required much less grinding, and rewards have been greater great, even for those who did no longer have time to play each day.

This time Rioter wrote

We’re now focusing on improving the first-rate of activities, hoping that every principal event that we carry out this yr will have a marked development over preceding ones. Presently, our plans include such things as:


We can expect

  • Making sure we have a temporary game mode for each event.
  • Improving passes and missions for the event. For example, it was necessary to reduce grinding and greater flexibility in completing missions during the last Night & Dawn event. We believe that there are other ways to further improve these elements.
  • Making the history and theme of the event have a stronger presence during the events. We’re still wondering how to do it. We want to try to achieve this goal throughout the year.


the occasions to undergo major changes in comparison to preceding years. It is good that riot sees his mistakes and will try to correct them.


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