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 TFT Twitch Prime Egg
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TFT Twitch Prime Egg

With the 9.18 Patch, the TFT Twitch Prime egg for Tactical Battles will be added to the game. In order to get this egg, you must subscribe to Prime at Twitch. Twitch Prime subscribers will be able to get free Twitch Prime eggs. So what’s going to come out of this egg? Of course it will come out of the Little Legends. However, the egg content is not yet clear. You can follow this article to learn exactly about the Twitch Prime egg. With the Twitch Prime egg you’ll find rare little legends!

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The contents of the egg are not yet clear. By following this article you can learn the contents of the Twitch Prime egg. You can also check out our  9.18 TFT Patch Notes  article.

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