TFT Set 3 Item List – TFT 10.6 Item List – TFT Set 3 New Items

 TFT Set 3 Item List – TFT 10.6 Item List – TFT Set 3 New Items
Okunuyor TFT Set 3 Item List – TFT 10.6 Item List – TFT Set 3 New Items

Lola Tactic Wars  greetings to all the sites disciple, today published the first new  10.6 TFT Patch Notes belonging  TFT Set of 3 Items List  all the details related to share with you.

TFT Set 3 Simple Item List

Tft 10.6 Item List

Tft Set 3 İtem

TFT Set 3 Combined Item List

to Explanation combination
BF Sword BF Sword +15 Attack Damage
Recurve Bow Recurve Bow + 15% Attack Speed
Chain Vest Chain Vest +25 Armor
Negatron Pilgrims Negatron Pilgrims +25 Magic Resist
Unnecessarily large Stick Unnecessarily large Stick + 20% Magic Power
Tear of the Goddess Tear of the Goddess +20 starter mana
Giant's Belt Giant’s Belt +200 Health
Spatula Spatula You will gain a special ability
Competition Gloves Competition Gloves + 10% Dodge replacement, + 10% Critical chance
Sword of the defeated king Sword of the defeated king The user is also a Blademaster BF Sword  Spatula
Bloodthirster Bloodthirster Basic Attacks heal the person who wears 35% of the damage done. BF Sword  Negatron Pilgrims
Dragon Claw Dragon Claw Reduces incoming magic damage by 50% Negatron Pilgrims  Negatron Pilgrims
The power of nature The power of nature Get +1 team size Spatula  Spatula
Frozen heart Frozen heart Adjacent enemies lose 40% Attack Speed. (Stacking increases the radius of this effect, not the amount of slow.) Chain Vest  Tear of the Goddess
Guardian angel Guardian angel Comes alive with 400 HP BF Sword  Chain Vest
Guinsoo's Rage Guinsoo’s Rage Basic Attacks grant + 5% bonus Attack Speed ​​for the rest of the battle. No stacking limit. Recurve Bow  Unnecessarily large Stick
Hextech Silahkılıç Hextech Silahkılıç Heal 25% of all damage dealt BF Sword  Unnecessarily large Stick
Eternal Sword Eternal Sword +% 100 Krit. dmg BF Sword  Competition Gloves
Ionic Spark Ionic Spark Magic Resist of enemies within 2 hexagons is reduced by 50% (not stacked). When he cast a spell, they are captured by taking magic damage equal to 225% of their maximum Mana. Negatron Pilgrims  Unnecessarily large Stick
Locket of the Iron Solari Locket of the Iron Solari Protects allies in two hexagons in the same row for 250/275/350 damage for 8 seconds (scaled by user’s Star Level) Chain Vest  Unnecessarily large Stick
Luden's Echo Luden’s Echo When the user spells, the first target deals magic damage and inflicts 150/175/225 magic damage in addition to 3 nearby enemies. Unnecessarily large Stick  Tear of the Goddess
Morellonomicon Morellonomicon When the user deals damage with their spells, it burns the target and deals 30% of the target’s Maximum Health as real damage within 10 seconds and reduces healing during the burn by 50%. Unnecessarily large Stick  Giant's Belt
Rabadon's Death Cap Rabadon’s Death Cap User’s Magic Strength is increased by 50% Unnecessarily large Stick  Unnecessarily large Stick
Fast Firecannon Fast Firecannon Attack Range doubled Recurve Bow  Recurve Bow
Red Buff Red Buff In addition to being burned, 30% of maximum HP in 10 seconds gains real damage on strike. And reduce healing by 50% during burns. Chain Vest  Giant's Belt
payment payment When the user dies, allies recover for 800 Health. Tear of the Goddess  Giant's Belt
Hurricane Runaan Hurricane Runaan Basic Attacks throw bolts to another nearby enemy, dealing 70% of user’s Attack Damage and applying accurate effects. Recurve Bow  Negatron Pilgrims
Serap's Embrace Serap’s Embrace User returned to 20 mana after Spellcast Tear of the Goddess  Tear of the Goddess
Shojin Mızrağı Shojin Mızrağı After casting, the user gains 18% of his maximum Mana per attack BF Sword  Tear of the Goddess
Statikk shiv Statikk shiv All three Basic Attacks of the user deal 75 magic damage to 3/4/5 enemies. Recurve Bow  Tear of the Goddess
Sword Breaker Sword Breaker 25% chance of disarmament for 3 seconds Chain Vest  Negatron Pilgrims
Warmog's Armor Warmog’s Armor The wearer restores 4% of his missing Health per second. (up to 150 HP / tick) Giant's Belt  Giant's Belt
Zeke's Annunciation Zeke’s Annunciation When the battle begins, the user and all allies within the same 2 hexagons gain + 18% Attack Speed ​​for the rest of the battle. BF Sword  Giant's Belt
zephyr zephyr When the battle begins, the user calls a hurricane on the opposite side of the arena that lifts the nearest enemy for 5 seconds from the battle. Negatron Pilgrims  Giant's Belt
Thief Gloves Thief Gloves Bring two temporary items at each planning stage based on your player level. [Consumes Three-item Slot] Competition Gloves  Competition Gloves
The Hand of Justice The Hand of Justice Each planning stage wins one: + 50% more damage Tear of the Goddess  Competition Gloves
Jeweled Gloves Jeweled Gloves Your Spells Can Be Critical Unnecessarily large Stick  Competition Gloves
mercury mercury [UNIQUE] The user is exempt from fraudulent control during the first 15 seconds of the battle Negatron Pilgrims  Competition Gloves
Trap Claw Trap Claw Start fighting with the magic shield. Stun the champion that breaks for 4 seconds Giant's Belt  Competition Gloves
Deathblade Deathblade Contributing to a kill grants +15 Attack Damage for the rest of the battle. This effect can stack as many times as you want (starting at 2). BF Sword  BF Sword
Giant killer Giant killer Attacks are attacking in addition to 12% enemies present as current Physical Damage. BF Sword  Recurve Bow
Last whisper Last whisper Critical hits reduce the target’s Armor by 90% for 3 seconds. This effect is not stacked. Recurve Bow  Competition Gloves
Bramble Vest Bramble Vest Rejects additional damage from critical hits. Deal 100/140/200 magic damage to all nearby enemies after hit by a Basic Attack (every 2.5 seconds). It is scaled according to the user’s Star Level. Chain Vest  Chain Vest
Titan's Solution Titan’s Solution Gains 2% stacking damage bonus when the user takes damage or takes a critical hit. It stacks up to 50 times, at which point the user gains 25 Armor and Magic Resist and increases in size. Recurve Bow  Chain Vest
Zz'Rot Portal Zz’Rot Portal When the user dies, 1000/2000/3000 ★ Build a Coach to continue a war with health. Recurve Bow  Giant's Belt
Rebel Medal Rebel Medal The wearer wins the Rebel feature. Chain Vest  Spatula
Leaking Claws Leaking Claws The user gets the Infiltrator feature. Recurve Bow  Spatula
Silence Cover Silence Cover When the battle begins, it strikes a beam that delays the first magic of the affected enemies and increases its maximum mana by 40% until it is thrown. Chain Vest  Competition Gloves
Goodness Glass Goodness Glass When the user cast a spell, he restores 10 mana to allies in 2 hexagons. Negatron Pilgrims  Tear of the Goddess
Heavenly Globe Heavenly Globe The user acquires the Celestial feature. Negatron Pilgrims  Spatula
Star Guardian Talisman Star Guardian Talisman The wearer wins the Star Guardian feature. Tear of the Goddess  Spatula
Destructor's Blame Destructor’s Blame The wearer gains the Destructive feature. Unnecessarily large Stick  Spatula
Protector's Chest Protector’s Chest User protects the Protective feature. Giant's Belt  Spatula
The Heart of the Black Star The Heart of the Black Star The wearer wins the Dark Star feature. Spatula  Competition Gloves

TFT Set 3 New Items

Zz’Rot Portal

recurve-bow item icon+giants-belt item icon=zzrot-portal item icon

When the gripper dies,   call a healthy spawn of 1000/2000/4000 (by Star Level)

Chalice of Favor

negatron-cloak item icon+tear-of-the-goddess item icon=chalice-of-favor item icon
When the keeper cast a spell, it  grants 10 mana to all nearby allies  .

Serenity Cover

sparring-gloves item icon+chain-vest item icon=shroud-of-stillness item icon

When the battle begins, it throws a beam that travels straight, delaying the affected ability’s initial ability use and  increases their maximum mana by 40% until they re-use the ability  .

Spy Claw

spatula item icon+recurve-bow item icon=infiltrators-talons item icon

The user is also a Spy.

Rebel Medal

spatula item icon+chain-vest item icon=rebel-medal item icon

The user is also a Rebel.

Celestial Sphere

spatula item icon+negatron-cloak item icon=celestial-orb item icon
The user is also a Celestial.

Star Guardian Talisman

spatula item icon+tear-of-the-goddess item icon=star-guardians-charm item icon
The user is also a Star Guardian.

Protective Armor

spatula item icon+giants-belt item icon=protectors-chestguard item icon
The user is also a Protector.

The Heart of Infinite Darkness

spatula item icon+sparring-gloves item icon=dark-stars-heart item icon
The user is also an Infinite Dark champion.

Explosive Specialist Bomb

spatula item icon+needlessly-large-rod item icon=demolitionists-charge item icon

The user is also an Explosive Specialist.

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