TFT Winning Compositions

 TFT Winning Compositions
Okunuyor TFT Winning Compositions

Tactical Wars Winning Advice

Shortly before 9:13 patch activated with great interest in Turkey and from the server by all the players Tactics Wars, it is active in all server vendors except Brazil and Latin America. This mode has become a good trial and error board for players as it is new., who would like to offer a guide to the players on this subject, has proposed a few essays. We have translated three of these suggestions into Turkish. 

First of all, before you go to our article, you may not know what the items in the game are for. You can browse the items in the Tactical Wars at the following link.

Tactical Wars item Guide: Combinations and Consolidation

Tft Items

1) Glacier Rangers

  • Kompozisyon:  Vayne  –  Ashe  –  Volibear  –  Sejuani  – Cho’Gath – Lissandra

Win condition: 

The purpose of this composition is  to get a three star Vayne . With a large amount of CC provided by other champions in the composition, Vayne can easily remove all attacks from the corner.

Game Plan: 

  • It is a good composition to start with some champions like Vayne, the noble champion of the game. You can then  replace the noble characters with Ashe,  Volibear  and  Lissandra .
  • If you experience a downside to the game course   , take the Frozen Sledge Hammer and add Braum to the Vayne glacier unit, so you have 6 glaciers, which brings the game to the winning stage.
  • We  recommend 2 attack speed items for Vayne . If possible, the Rage of  Guinsoo’s can be Frozen Sledgehammer or Runaan’s  Hurricane items as the last item if not possible  .

TFT Champions List 

TFT champions

2) 6 Assassin + Nothingness Creature + Fighter


  • Kompozisyon: Kha’Zix  –  Pyke  –  Evelynn  –  Katarina  –  Rengar  –  Akali  – Rek’Sai – Cho’Gath

Win Condition: 

Rengar  or  Akali  using the synergy of 6 assassins to carry the game. By  placing the assassins away from the enemy, you can kill your opponent’s characters very quickly.

Game Plan: 

  • If you have   played a lot of games with Kassadin  and  Kha’zix , this is a nice composition for you. This is a composition that will protect you from enemies and facilitate your assassination.
  • Furniture selection of  Akal  for  Ludek’s  shrieks and the Eternal Sword,  the Renga  to the Eternal Sword and  Shojin the spear  recommend.

3) Musketeer  +  Yordle


  • Composition: Tristana  –  Lulu  –  Kennen  – Poppy – Veigar – Gnar – Graves 

Win Condition: 

With the latest incoming patch, shooters are on the rise. They  need to wait for the new commodity to prepare the best composition,  but the  Yordle  champions are in very good shape right now.

Graves  and  Tristana  and Three Stars are easy to get, because they are easier to  deal  with than champions like Vayne  and  Nidalee .

Game Plan:  

  •  This composition is great if you’ve played a lot of games  with  Tristana  and  Graves . If the opponent has   high armor characters like Poppy Kennen  and  Gnar , you can use fighters or knights in the front row until you find them.
  • In the selection of goods  Tristana to Guinsoo the  Fury and  Shoji’s  Spear, if the  Graves The Dreaded Three stars  Hydra  to win the game with red and Empowerment will be very easy.

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