Star Guardian Ornn – Ornn New Skin 2020

 Star Guardian Ornn – Ornn New Skin 2020
Okunuyor Star Guardian Ornn – Ornn New Skin 2020

How would Star Guardian Ornn look if it were released in the game? His skill appearance was created.

All people who desires to get big name mum or dad ornna can see the arrival of his ability in the game.

Star Guardian Ornn

This time a bit specific, due to the fact the assignment is not splash artwork or the hero’s model, however the arrival of his talents in the sport. The author of the challenge is sleepygrin .

Philippe patient (due to the fact that is the call of sleepygrina) is a photograph fashion designer and animator, and his projects are shared, amongst others on twitter.

Creating visual consequences for celebrity dad or mum ornna become perhaps a nod to people who massively create their principles of this hero in the superstar mother or father pores and skin. The design of the magical ornn is slowly turning into as famous as megastar mother or father urgot used to be.



One of the Rioters – Riot Sirhaian – commented:

I always love watching VFX from fans! If you are looking for feedback, I can send it to you. I really like this idea and these colors!

I can’t wait to see the next projects.

As stated above – the idea for superstar mother or father ornna is very famous. Right here are a few examples of fan initiatives created over time:




Author: ulggg
Author: DoPq 

Author: Galrock

Author: TehSasquatch

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