Senna’s Talents and True Damage Costumes

 Senna’s Talents and True Damage Costumes
Okunuyor Senna’s Talents and True Damage Costumes
Hello Friends today we will share with you the talents of the new champion Senna and True Damage costumes for PBE.

Senna’s Capabilities

Passive – Forgiveness

Senna’s Relic Cannon fires slowly but deals additional damage. Senna can increase the range of his weapon, attack power, and the likelihood of critical hit by absorbing Sis rising from the rival champions he has attacked or the ghouls of the opponents he has killed.

Q – Climbing the Dark

Senna heals his friends and fires damage to his opponents. Senna can attack by shortening the waiting time of this ability.

W – Last Reunion

Senna inflicts damage on the first target hit by Sis, fixes it in place, and wraps around her opponents after a short wait.

E – Curse of the Black Fog

Senna turns into a cloud of fog and gains movement speed and camouflages both herself and her surrounding teammates. The teammates appear in the fog as non-clickable ghosts until they attack or approach.

R – Dawn of the Shadows

Senna throws a beam through the map. Your teammates staying in the beam are protected from damage and opponents caught in the center of the beam take damage.

True Damage Costumes

In the new True Damage costumes:

  • Torture
  • Yasuo
  • Senna
  • Echo
  • Akali
costumes will come to these characters for now. A total of 6 costumes will come.
You can see the costumes visuals and costume prices below.

True Damage Costumes and Deals


True Damage Qiyana Prestige Series: 2000 Championship Symbol



True Damage Senna: 1350RP
True Damage Qiyana: 1350RP

True Damage Yasuo: 1350RP

True Damage Ekko: The Legendary Costume 1820

True Damage Akali: 1350RP

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