Riot will start big projects for Europe – What will he do?

Riot will start big projects for Europe – What will he do?
Okunuyor Riot will start big projects for Europe – What will he do?

The year 2019 for Riot and League of Legends in Poland was definitely a breakthrough. Several things contributed to this.

Riot during the Polish Weekend of Stars has already officially announced that League of Legends is the largest game in Poland and more than half of the PC players are playing the title from Riot. As a result, the Polish branch of the studio was restored, and Europe was again looked at more closely.

For Poles, this is excellent news that again finds confirmation. One of the studio’s employees reported that she was preparing several things with a large budget.


What will it start with?

We know that 2020 will probably open a film about the Polish community for us. Wiktor Cegła informed about this during the event with Polish stars.

we will soon have a huge surprise for all of you: for some time we have been producing a feature-length documentary film about the history of the Community League in Poland !!!!!

The premiere and more info at the beginning of the new year.

The premiere is not yet known, but the beginning of the year is probably the first quarter, so don’t worry if January passes without loud announcements. This is also confirmed by a person from Dublin who directly writes on his Twitter profile:

I want to do SOME things for Europe this year, but it will take a long time and preparation. If I want to do something (especially something with a budget), I have to justify it well, create a presentation, talk to people around the world.

Two things enjoy this communication. The letters “SEVERAL” in capital letters, which may mean that we will have quite a few different, special actions. In addition, the budget – without it we can expect the G2 icon, but something more with it.

So if things move slowly or not at all, I promise that a billion things are happening behind the stage and we push everything forward.

This year, the second Polish Stars Weekend is also planned. There is no specific information yet, but one of the main changes is to be the audience, among others. Riot will do a lot to bring an audience to the event that can watch everything live, meet his idols etc. This is definitely a nice direction and it is good that such an event will take place regularly.


Until now, the EU community can remember the event that was devoted to this region. It was Aram-Arama, it was something really cool and we can probably expect events in this climate in 2020.

ARAM-arama is an event only for players from the EU server. You’ll find special ARAM missions, discounts on selected Color packs and the coolest League skins, as well as increased hero rotation and a chance to get a total of two hextech boxes and two keys.

Unfortunately, at the moment Riot does not give any dates. We know that a film about the Polish community will appear somewhere at the beginning of this year. We will probably learn about events in the coming months.


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