What is Espor?

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What is Espor?

With the introduction of our country, officially the three major League of Legends scene, already began to attract the attention of ESP is also a larger part in Turkey continues to grow. 5mid as since 2014, this scene also we try to transfer the ESP followers up to as much as all the details we can, Fenerbahce and Galatasaray’s 2017 entry into Turkey Championship League, many people have seen before with this aspect of the game was introduced esp. We wanted to tell this new world to our new visitors who have been increasing in number in recent years.

Electronic sports with its long name and espor with its short name is a sport that makes its presence felt by the acceleration of the award winning tournaments as of the beginning of 2000s and the players earn their lives by playing games in official leagues and events within the professional teams. In our country, the Ministry of Youth and Sports – General Directorate of Sports is granted an espor player license, the people who make a living by playing games are considered as professional players. The starting age of Espor is accepted as around 13-14, while players often retire before they reach 30. The most popular games in the field of Espor are League of Legends, Dota 2, Counter Strike: World Offensive, Overwatch and Hearthstone.

It is possible to say that the investments made in the world and in our country shed a big light on the future of the sector which is still taking baby steps. In addition to the entry of football clubs in the country we closely follow, major sports clubs in America and Europe also invest in espor teams, especially in countries such as Korea and China, espor is now a culture.

Nowadays, the new generation is increasingly moving away from “traditional” sports and stepping into the professional world of games, sometimes more competitive and sometimes more exciting. The prize pool can reach up to $ 20 million and the number of spectators in the major tournaments organized under the name of World Championships is approaching hundreds of millions, while both the global, digital and dynamic and young masses are laid to rest.

We are also the world in which we follow with great passion as 5mid to convey to our readers in every way, the eSports journalism in Turkey are trying to implement in the most professional way possible. If you have any questions about esports, games or any other subject in general, you can reach us through our contact form, Facebook or Twitter accounts.

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