Over 50 Trivia About Jinx You didn’t Know About – 50 Unknown Threads About Jinx

Over 50 Trivia About Jinx You didn’t Know About –  50 Unknown Threads About Jinx
Okunuyor Over 50 Trivia About Jinx You didn’t Know About – 50 Unknown Threads About Jinx

How much is known about Jinx? Here is a collection of curiosities about the heroine, which perhaps many players did not know about.

Jinx is certainly a completely thrilling individual who is a favourite of many gamers. The collection of thrilling information about this man or woman is in reality great.

Interesting facts about Jinx

Here is a massive series of curiosities approximately poppy madwoman – jinx. We know a lot about the heroine, from her region of start, top, weight or favored dish, to the mass of references from her bulletins or skins.

Minutiae come from many sources, which includes the legitimate lol web page, but also from leagueoflegends.Fandom.Com, youtube or the league of legends discussion board.


1.Jinx was launched on October 10, 2013.

2. She was born in Zaun.

3. He is currently in Piltover.

4. The height of Jinx is 160 centimeters.

5. The heroine weighs 44 kilograms.

6. Her blood type is B.

7. Jinx’s favorite dish is curry.

8. Racing is her hobby. In addition, she is a criminal who destroys Piltover and provokes Vi “for fun.”

9. Jinx dance is inspired by the dance of Jake from Adventure Time. The comparison can be seen e.g. here .

10. Star Guardian Jinx dance refers to Ievan Polkka Dance. The comparison can be seen e.g. here .

11. Jinx was designed by RiotTeaTime, Gypsylord and Ransom.

12. Before revealing her, Ransom described her as a character with a unique personality and hair color found only in one other hero (it was about Sona).

13. According to RiotTeaTime, the inspiration for the creation of Jinx  was based on Joker, Gollum and Helena Bonham Carter.

14. In the English version, Jinx was voiced by Sarah Anne Williams. In Polish – Aleksandra Grzelak.

15. Her name first appeared in the source code of vandalism, which she made on September 20, 2013 on the official website of Vi, signing  X was here .

16. She is the first heroine who has a continuous animation of laughter.

17. In the animation of death, her hair is shaped like a heart.

18. All names of her skills end in exclamation. This is a reference to her character.

19. VI ,  X  and  C  are Roman numerals. Some have suggested that they may refer to the rank structure or nicknames of the former Vi gang . Whereas C in history may refer to the Jinx  – Caitlyn nemesis  .

The combination of Roman numerals – CXVI is 116 in Arabic numerals, which refers to the Jinx hero’s issue number  .

20. In the game between  Jinx  and Caitlyn  and Vi  there is a special task called:  Catch me if you can! .

21. Jinx is 21 years old.

22. The background of the classic Jinx is a damaged version of the Vi background.


23. Jinx text ” She’s such a loser, always ready to cry!” Ttt-ta! “ Is a parody of a fragment of the theme song Vi .

24. The text “Say hello to my friends of varying sizes!” (In Polish version: ” Say hello to my friends did not inconsiderable! “) Is a parody of the famous quote from the movie  Scarface .

25. Quote: ” Every three guns are better than one! “Is a reference to the well-known Polish proverb” Every two heads are better than one. “

26. The quote “Let’s just behave … said no one, ever” is a reference to the meme “… said no one ever”.

27. The quote ” Jinx, really means Jinx ” is a joke related to several of Vi’s statements :

  •  “Vi means vigor.”
  •  “Vi …? It means bravery. “ 
  •  “Vi …? It means loyalty. “

28. After using the SuperMegaRacket of Death! , the heroine utters four different quotes that closely resemble the words of the Worms.

29. She together with Ekko  and  Vi  belonged to one gang in Zaun before he broke up. Ekko was in love with her before she went crazy about her weapon.






30. Ekko and Jinx costumes are an example of Zaun street fashion.

31. She, along with Lux  and Miss Fortune, is a trio whose names were taken from the concepts of faith, luck and bad luck. In short, the name Jinx can mean “bad omen,” and the person wearing such a nickname will cause misery to others.

32. Jinx is also the name of the online store: www.jinx.com .

33. Jinx appeared on the splash art of Pool Graves’ skins for the first time.

34. Her figure can be seen in the background of the splash art of Guard Post Vi.

35. The Jinx search poster  reveals a list of committed crimes such as killings, unprovoked assault, disturbing peace, unauthorized painting of buildings, reckless detonations, petty thefts and incitement to mass hysteria.




36. Jinx price decreased from 6300 NE to 4800 NE on the occasion of Sett’s departure.

37. On August 21, 2018, Jinx was hailed as “the most visually appealing hero in LoL.”

38. Jinx appeared in 1 Teamfight Tactics set, cost 4 gold and belonged to Hextech and Gunslingers.

39. In the card game from Riot – Legends of Runeterra – there are several cards with the theme Jinx. Examples of them are: click , click .

40. The song “Get Jinxed” and his music video have so far reached almost 90 million views.



41. Jinx  wants to hug Ziggs at all times  , which caused him a panic fear of her. In addition, Jinx believes that Ziggs can be a product of her imagination.

42. The appearance of the Pif Paf weapon in the Mafia Jinx skin resembles a minigun hidden in a violin box and has a reference to the movies of the noir genre.

43. Her dance in this skin refers to the dance of the 1920s “Charleston”. The comparison can be seen here .

44. During the aforementioned dance you can hear music from her music video played from the gramophone.

45. Jinx Entertainment Skin was created on the basis of a fan-made idea: click .

46. ​​Jinx Slayer skin in the English version is called Zombie Slayer Jinx. Initially, her name was simply Slayer Jinx, although it was decided that the theme of fighting against zombies perfectly fits this heroine.

47. In the Jinx skin of the Odyssey, the heroine after using R creates a portal from which she releases a flying meteorite instead of firing a bullet from her weapon.

48. Jinx Star Guardian Skin is a collection of various references to manga and anime (or Asia in general).

  • Jinx is a magical girl, which refers to Mahō-shōjo (a sub-genre of manga and anime about the fate of magical girls / sorceresses).
  • Her appearance can be a reference to Sakura Kyoko from the anime  Puella Magi Madoka Magica .
  • According to some, the Sailor Moon anime is also inspired .
  • Mascots Jinx – Shiro and Kuro may refer to Ying and Yang.
    • They can also refer to Kuro and Shiro from the manga and anime Ao No Exorcist .
  • In Japanese, “shiro” means “white” and “kuro” – “black”.
  • Tattooed wings and stars on her back seem to refer to Sakura Kinomoto from  Cardcaptor Sakura . When  Jinx uses her R, black and white wings grow out of her tattoos, which is somewhat reminiscent of the effect of The Fly cards from this anime.
  • During one of his dialogues, he refers to the Dragon Ball anime  , in which collecting seven balls allowed to summon a dragon that fulfills one wish.

49. It’s possible that the Star Guardian Jinx skin is based on a fan project by Selin Aydin: click .

50. As a sorceress, Jinx rebels and refuses to use her powers for such purposes as the rest of her team (e.g. defend space from evil). From the official description you can read: When the First Star filled her with the power of Starlight, the cynical teenager rebelled, refusing to treat her powers differently than as a toy to achieve her own goals.

51. Jinx is a character loved by cosplayers from around the world (some cosplayers also). Many of them think that this is their favorite heroine.



52. Jinx will receive Valentine’s Day soon. This is one of the first skins announced in 2020.



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