New Updates for Candy Costumes are on The Way

 New Updates for Candy Costumes are on The Way
Okunuyor New Updates for Candy Costumes are on The Way

What would the latest Evelynn skin look like if the creators decided on a slightly different theme? Two examples are presented.

Two concepts of Sugar Rush Evelynn skin have been published. The heroine, despite her sweet appearance, looks completely different.

Inne wersje Sugar Rush Evelynn

The latest Evelynn skin released at the end of 2019 is the embodiment of sweets (literally). However, what would it look like if the candy theme were used in a slightly different way? After all, chocolate, strawberries and whipped cream are not the only sweets that come to mind.

On ArtStation Citemera Liu , a well-known graphic not only in the League of Legends environment, concepts of the mentioned skin for Evelynn appeared. Which one is the best?

Those interested in other candy skins will also not be disappointed. There are also graphics showing other versions of Braum and Ziggs (these can be found at the end of the article).

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