LOR Patch Notes 0.8.3 – Runeterra Patch Notes 0.8.3

 LOR Patch Notes 0.8.3 – Runeterra Patch Notes 0.8.3
Okunuyor LOR Patch Notes 0.8.3 – Runeterra Patch Notes 0.8.3

Lol Tactic Wars followers hello everyone, welcome to the First Patch of LOR Open Beta.LOR 0.8.3 Patch Notes, which is our first LOR Patch Notes for LOR, is a very short patch with the feature of being the first patch.


So what’s in the LOR patch notes?

There will be in-game changes and changes in XP systems within the patch.


[box type=”info” align=”left” class=”” width=””]Patch Updated Date 3 February 2020


LOR Developer Notes

The name of the question patch that first comes to mind for everyone is LOR Patch Notes 0.8.3 Why Is This Name? This name has been decided with the decision of the LOR team, and the LOR Patch Notes, which will come later, will continue as 0.9 and 1.0.


They said the LOR Team two-week period between the time of making patches in bildirdiler.türki 20:30 Taking the new patch and they plan to publish in the next days to publish 22.00.


As for the patch lengths, they reported that the patches would be a short one, for example, the current patch of patch 0.8.3 was removed as a small patch, but the patch 0.9.0 would be released as a long patch after two weeks.


So What Will Happen in LOR 0.9.0 Patch?

We can provide you with little information on this subject and make it exciting for your excitement. There will be balancing and big changes in the cards especially in the LOR 0.9.0 patch.

LOR XP Systems

  • No Changes Yet


LOR Game Boards and Guards

Lor Patch Notes

Curd Patch Notes 0.8.3


LOR Runeterra Guards

  • Basilisk
  • Silverwing
  • Gloomtooth

LOR Game Boards and LOR Game Guards are now available in the store.

In addition to the updates to LOR Game Boards and LOR Game Guards, some changes in the game are as follows;

  • Animation speed increased
  • Whirling Death
  • Yasuo Stun / Return Damage
  • The game will start faster now
  • The game will continue to install itself while playing educational games for beginners


LOR Problems

  • Drawing of Level 1 in Level Tryndamede appears

This issue will be resolved in the next patch.


LOR 0.8.3 Bugs Fixed

  • The remaining amount is now displayed correctly when you open a card with a crystal or wildcard.
  • Fixed an issue that prevented players from getting the correct card after opening a card with a wild card.
  • Minor issues such as delay in social panel, notifications that are not lost have been solved.
  • Used Cask Salesman now appears in Discovery Trip themes.
  • Fixed Anivia appearing in three Discovery Trips instead of two.
  • The sound of “The Box and” Thresh’s The Box “is muted.
  • Fixed leg rotation in the celebration animation of T-Hex.
  • Resolution of T-Hex and Poro collection images has been increased.


Stay tuned for the LOR 0.9.0 Patch Notes, and you can share all your questions with us in the comments section to see you in our next article.


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