LOR Nickname Change – Runeterra

 LOR Nickname Change – Runeterra
Okunuyor LOR Nickname Change – Runeterra

Hello Lol Tactic Wars followers, today I will give you a very important information about LOR Runeterra.

Before starting our article, I would like to tell you that you can reach the new LOR Patch Notes article below.

Click For More! : LOR Patch Notes 0.8.3

As you know in Runeterra, the nickname in the game is played with the same nickname as Lol or TFT, but now you have to play with these names. You can also change these names for free.

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How to Change Lor Nick?

By clicking on the Riot Games Account link, you can change your Riot ID here to change your Legends of Runeterra Nickname.

All name changes you make from this link are completely free.

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