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 LOR Best Meta Decks
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The Best Meta Decks for Legends of Runeterra (1/27)

Good day anybody! We hope you’ve been enjoying the lor launch as tons as we have. Ultimate time, we shared 6 meta decks and six finances decks that we felt would be stable guidelines earlier than every person had get admission to to the sport. Now that we’ve had some days to experience the forming meta and spot what the top players are gambling, we’ve got 5 updated meta decks advocated through our professional, eg swim.

Eg swim will be developing and curating competitive decks for our website online and content material so make certain to bookmark his mobalytics deck library and follow him on:


Five New LoR Meta Decks

With out further ado, right here are the meta decks as explained by way of eg swim!

Within the past four days due to the fact that release, the meta has gone through several shifts already. Day 1 was largely ruled with the aid of shadow isles; in most cases dawnspiders, due to it being a high electricity proactive deck. But quick, people found out 2 weaknesses of the deck: braum and elusives.

As of now, various breeds of elusive decks (ionia + both freljord, demacia, or noxus) are the deck to beat on ladder. Right here’s 3 versions, a totally aggressive noxus model with the aid of precipic and teengangster, a slower freljord version by means of petrify, and a middling demacia blend version by using me, based totally on a comparable idea from the preview patch.


Imported Deck

Petrify Ninjas Deck

Swim’s Elusive Burn Deck


The unblockable competitive approach is basically constructed round denying opponent interplay. Buffing the elusives whilst they’re nevertheless to your hand with mentor, so that they hit the board with three-five fitness outdoor of not unusual removal ranges, attacking the opponent without their capacity to dam, and then dealing with any spell-based totally counterplay possibilities with deny.

So in which does that depart us? Properly, those elusive decks are the big pace-setter of the meta, and there are already rising counterstrategies. They may be raced down with very aggressive versions of noxus + p&z. Instead, they may be controlled with numerous very unique equipment, like high assault challengers and playing cards like culling strike, which decks like nib’s bloodless shoulder are built round.


Super JJ Discard Aggro Deck


Nib’s Cold Shoulder Deck



Lastly, in which do regions stand?

Ionia has surged beforehand as the maximum famous because of having almost all the elusive alternatives in the game, and shadow isles has fallen in the back of due to it having the least answers to our elusive overlords.

Demacia and freljord are incredible helping techniques to many decks, and noxus and p&z have found a home in very competitive decks. But, it remains to be visible whether aggressive decks might be higher built with nox/ionia or nox/demacia instead, as p&z is struggling the most out of the 6 areas.

So there you have got it! We’ll be posting eg swim’s meta report each monday so be sure to test back here. By using the way we’ll have a dedicated meta characteristic within our platform very soon so preserve an eye out for that. See you next time.


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