LOL Mecha Kingdoms missions – LOL 10.2

 LOL Mecha Kingdoms missions – LOL 10.2
Okunuyor LOL Mecha Kingdoms missions – LOL 10.2

The Mecha Kingdoms is the first event of the year, which started on Jan. 15 for League of Legends. The mecha kingdoms occasion has delivered skins for several champions, in addition to chromas, icons, and other prestige rewards. The remaining reward of the mecha kingdoms event is the status model of the mecha kingdoms garen skin, to be had for 2000 occasion tokens. Permit’s test the mecha kingdoms missions.

The Mecha Kingdoms missions

So far, eight missions for mecha kingdoms were found out, with many extra to are available in the approaching weeks. The event is about to closing till feb. 19, and until then, each week will see new missions available free of charge or through the event bypass.

Mecha Kingdoms Intro

To complete the first mecha kingdoms challenge, you have to play 30 games in any of the sport modes league of legends has to provide. At the moment, teamfight processes is excluded from the occasion; the same is going for the ultimate missions in this listing. The reward for finishing this project is 45 occasion tokens and the simplest free available mecha kingdoms orb. The orb has a hazard to contain whatever from everlasting skins or orange essence to occasion tokens or maybe a gemstone.

Ascend Together

The second one assignment, ascend collectively, requires players to win a sport with a premade. Instead, gambling 4 video games also completes the challenge. Praise: 15 event tokens.

For the Glory

Play a sport as garen. (notice, gambling with garen to your crew does not depend closer to this undertaking.) by desire seven games could be played to finish the undertaking as a substitute. Praise: 15 occasion tokens.


As a group, kill 1000 minions or play seven video games. Reward: 15 occasion tokens.

Controlled Chaos

Win a recreation of all-random-extremely-fast-hearth mode (arurf). The other alternative is to play 4 video games. Praise: 15 tokens.


Spoil the primary tower as a team. Instead, play four video games. Reward: 15 tokens.

The Rising Dawn

Play a game as leona. Instead, play seven video games. Reward: 15 occasion tokens.


The final task available presently is beastslayer. Beastslayer requires the player to kill a total of five dragons. As an alternative, play seven games. Praise: 15 occasion tokens.

The event token store

To date, there are 150 event tokens to be had thru the missions. Similarly, players who’ve bought the occasion skip may additionally earn more event tokens for every sport they play, win or lose, in any game mode (except teamfight strategies).

Senna status pores and skin 2020
There are a whole lot of interesting objects to be had for buy with the new mecha kingdoms occasion shop. The 2 “large price ticket” gadgets in the shop are the mecha kingdoms garen prestige version pores and skin, available for 2000 occasion tokens, and the option to purchase a hundred prestige points for a complete of 2200 event tokens. Thus far, the status points can’t but be spent. However, the shop currently hyperlinks to a new pores and skin for senna, coming in 2020. Moreover, status skins are planned for zyra and zoe later this 12 months.

Mecha kingdoms chromas league of legends missions
Except this, a complete of 13 new chromas are to be had for the new warring & mecha kingdoms, peacekeeper, and lunar new year pores and skin traces. Buying all thirteen new chromas would cost 3900 occasion tokens.


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