LOL Lucky Crate Icon & Chromas – LOL 10.2

 LOL Lucky Crate Icon & Chromas – LOL 10.2
Okunuyor LOL Lucky Crate Icon & Chromas – LOL 10.2

From now until eleven:fifty nine pm 26 january, you’ll be capable of purchase crates that contain icons that includes its respective event chroma from 2019!

Icon Chroma Crate

 Icon Chroma Crate

Icon Chroma Crate

200 RP

– Get a random icon that comes with its respective chroma!

– Guaranteed to be an icon/chroma that you do not own

– Please purchase 1 by 1!

– Please wait one minute between purchases!

Check out the fortunate crate button within the customer to buy now!

Some generally requested questions:

Q: i were given a chroma but i can not use it?
A: you need to release the champion and pores and skin earlier than you can use the chroma.
The icon doesn’t include the champion and skin.

Q: what are the list of icon in the crate?
A: you may view what is available in the lucky crate event itself, click on at the crate & view the crate content.

Q: i acquired an icon/chroma that i already owned?
A: please purchase 1 via 1 as stated – in case you buy in bulk, you would possibly win the same prize a couple of instances in a bulk transaction.
Also please wait at least a minute between purchases for the gadget to correctly replace & seize the icons which you’ve already owned, if now not you may win the equal prize more than one times.
If you by chance bought in bulk and/or too speedy – you may change those duplicates for 1 masterwork chest and key package inside the lucky crate’s history web page itself.


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