LOL EUW Will Give Free Tokens to Players on The Server – LOL EUW

LOL EUW Will Give Free Tokens to Players on The Server – LOL EUW
Okunuyor LOL EUW Will Give Free Tokens to Players on The Server – LOL EUW

Compensation for a game error in the form of additional tokens.

Revolt video games has regularly had a problem with servers these days. This is mainly real in western europe, which in reality turns into inaccessible when closely pressured.

As a result, players can’t log in, and there are connection problems directly in matches. Rebel determined to make the community unavailable for league of legends.

Compensation to players

Actually every event the league of legends developer has server troubles. As a compensation, we generally receive 200 additional tokens. This time, however, handiest the euw community suffered, so only she could be given the opportunity to get loose tokens.

Every person who offered a bypass before 12:30 on january 15 will obtain an extra challenge. Additional tokens can be awarded to us for completing it. On this easy way eighty tokens will go to the players’ bills.

What about EUNE?

The worker giving this records about the new project did now not screen the details of the trouble, however it appears that the eastern a part of the continent had no hassle logging in and could now not acquire any reimbursement.

However, the community reported severa troubles, however in the meanwhile there’s no statistics approximately any tokens for different areas.


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