Lol Aphelios and Wukong are Changing!

 Lol Aphelios and Wukong are Changing!
Okunuyor Lol Aphelios and Wukong are Changing!

Riot introduced a new update to the PBE server with changes to several characters.

A brand new replace has seemed at the league of legends test server to exchange several characters. Aphelios yet again got a person who’s now taken into consideration definitely strong.

Similarly, wukong changed into also modified and azir’s mana elevated.




  • Marking range reduced from infinite to 2000


  • Base mana increased from 438 to 480


  • Base armor restored from 38 to 34
  • Mana regeneration for 5 seconds reduced from 8.042 to 8.04
  • Crushing Blow (Q)
    • Bonus damage changed from [20/40/60/80/100 (+ 50% bonus AD)] to [15/30/45/60/75 (+ 65% bonus AD)]



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