Legends of Runeterra Guide Removal Cards – LOR Guide

 Legends of Runeterra Guide Removal Cards – LOR Guide
Okunuyor Legends of Runeterra Guide Removal Cards – LOR Guide

Everything You Need to Know About Removal in LoR

If lor is your first card game, “elimination” refers to gadgets and spells that either destroy a unit or do away with it from the game.

It’s vital to understand removal to apprehend how and even as to mess around it at some point of a fit. For instance, if you’re in the direction of a shadow isles deck, you want to comprehend to look out for vile dinner party at the same time as your opponent has 2 mana and vengeance after they have 7 mana.

Removal Terminology

At some point of this text, we’ll be the use of a few terminology that’s frequently applied in tcg’s at the same time as discussing the cards. Here they’ll be:

Soft removal = elimination options that rely on dealing damage to kill a unit. They’re confined through the use of the quantity of health a unit has and with the aid of way of consequences like barrier.

Hard removal =Removal options that can proper away kill a champion in spite of effects like barrier.


Systematic Removal Trends in LoR

Overall, considering that lor is so combat-targeted, elimination is typically rare systematically, specially in comparison to different card games. This creates sure thresholds of removal difficulty related to how much fitness you’re dealing with:

2 or less health = easy to remove.

3 health = a little harder to remove.

4 or more health = a lot harder to remove.



Demacia Removal Overview:

  • 2 (Fast) – Single Combat
  • 6 (Fast) – Detain
  • 6 (Fast) – Final Spark (from Lux)
  • 8 (Slow) – Judgment



Freljord Removal Overview:

  • 2 (Slow) – Shatter
  • 3 (Skill) – Bullseye (Avarosan Marksman)
  • 4 (Slow) – Avalanche
  • 6 (Skill) – Glacial Storm (Anivia)
  • 7 (Slow) – Winter’s Breath
  • 9 (Skill) – Balesight (She Who Wanders)



Ionia Removal Overview

  • 3 (Fast) – Death Mark
  • 4 (Champion Ability) – Yasuo
  • 6 (Fast) – Shadow Flare
  • 8 (Follower) – Ren Shadowblade



Noxus Removal Overview

  • 1 – Blade’s Edge
  • 2 – Death Lotus
  • 3 – Noxian Guillotine
  • 3 – Culling Strike
  • 3 – Whirling Death
  • 5 – Shunpo
  • 5 – Reckoning


Piltover & Zaun

Piltover & Zaun Removal Overview

  • 0+(Slow) – Thermogenic Beam
  • 2 (Fast) – Mystic Shot
  • 2 (Slow)  – Super Mega Death Rocket!
  • 3 (Fast) – Get Excited!
  • 4 (Fast) – Statikk Shock
  • 5  (Skill) – Face-melter (Chempunk Shredder)
  • 6 (Fast) – Hextech Transmogulator
  • 6 (Skill) – Reckless Research (Augmented Experimenter)
  • 7 (Slow) – Trueshot Barrage
  • 8 (Skill) – Magnum Opus (Corina Veraza)


Shadow Isles

Shadow Isles Removal Overview

2 (Fast) – Vile Feast
2 (Fast) – Black Spear
4 (Burst) – The Box
5 (Fast) – Grasp of the Undying
5 (Fast) – Withering Wail
6 (Fast) – Atrocity
7 (Fast) – Vengeance
7 (Slow) – Rhasa the Sunderer
9 (Slow) – The Ruination


All LoR Removal Cheat Sheet

As a closer, here’s a final color-coded list of all the removal options in Legends of Runeterra sorted by mana cost!

Key: Demacia, Freljord, Ionia, Noxus, Piltover & Zaun, Shadow Isles

0+. Thermogenic Beam

1. Shatter, Blade’s Edge

2. Single Combat, Death’s Lotus, Mystic Shot, Super Mega Death Rocket!, Vile Feast, Black Spear

3. Avarosan Marksman, Death Mark, Noxian Guillotine, Culling Strike, Whirling Death, Get Excited!

4. Avalanche, Yasuo, Stattik Shock, The Box

5. Shunpo, Reckoning, Chempunk Shredder, Grasp of the Undying, Withering Wail

6. Detain, Final Spark, Anivia, Shadow Flare, Hextech Transmogulator, Augmented Experimenter, Atrocity

7. Judgment, Winter’s Breath, Trueshot Barrage, Vengeance, Rhasa the Sunderer

8. Ren Shadowblade, Corina Veraza

9. She Who Wanders, The Ruination



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