League of Legends Players Will be Able to Login With Their Emails

League of Legends Players Will be Able to Login With Their Emails
Okunuyor League of Legends Players Will be Able to Login With Their Emails

Riot Games is currently exploring the possibility of an alternative way to login.

The confusion with username changes in League of Legends has caused considerable controversy. In the meantime, we learned that you can log in to the LoL client itself without any name.

Simply use our email address for login.


Alternative login methods

Many people have written in recent months that a username is not necessary at all, if it does not matter to the final nickname that appears in games. Riot replied that he would work to better organize this issue.

After a few weeks, we already know that at the beginning of next year there should be an option to log in via an email address, not an additional name that will not be used anywhere. It is not known if it will be possible to change the login form and completely get rid of the username.

In addition, we are investigating the possibility of logging in using an email address instead of a username, which many players have asked us to do.

Changes in the subject already in 2020. There is no specific date, but it is to be in the first part of 2020.


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