Hearthstone Player’s Guide to League of Runeterra – LOR Guide

 Hearthstone Player’s Guide to League of Runeterra – LOR Guide
Okunuyor Hearthstone Player’s Guide to League of Runeterra – LOR Guide

Hearthstone Players, Welcome to Legends of Runeterra!

Hearthstone is one in every of our favorite video games ever, and so we wanted to make this manual that will help you smoothly transition into lor.

In this guide, we’ll cowl all of the major gameplay differences and mechanics, how lor regions examine to hearthstone’s classes and greater! We’ll start out with the magnificence to vicinity comparisons and could talk the mechanics under that.




Similar Keywords and Card Examples

Barrier = Divine Shield
  • Barrier prevents one instance of damage, however one thing to note is that it only lasts one round. It doesn’t persist like Divine Shield does.
  • See Brightsteel Protector or Prismatic Barrier.

Last Breath = Deathrattle

  • Last Breath effects trigger when the unit dies.
  • See Cursed Keeper.

Lifesteal = Lifesteal

  • Lifesteal causes your unit to heal for the damage it deals.
  • See Herald of Spring or Kinkou Lifeblade.

Play = Battlecry

  • Play effects trigger when you play a card from your hand.
  • See Katarina.

Recall = “Return a minion back to hand”

  • Very similar to Shadowstep and Sap.
  • See Minah Swiftfoot.

Stun = Freeze

  • Minions are unable to attack or block.
  • See Decisive Maneuver or Intimidating Roar.


Card Draw

In hs, you start with three cards in case you cross first and 4 playing cards in case you are 2d (+coin). Then you draw 1 card at the beginning of your turn.

In lor, you start with 4 cards and draw 1 card at the beginning of each spherical. The beginning player is decided at random and not using a compensation for the second player.

One of the effects is that card draw isn’t as vital to have for your deck. The combination of accelerated natural card draw, a deck length of 40, and the truth which you do not have to draw your mana on the grounds that you may stockpile it for spells makes it easier to get by with no card draw.



Like hearthstone, when you pick out to mulligan, you’re no longer compelled to discard your whole hand and only have one chance to mulligan. In addition, if you do decide to mulligan, you may now not go down playing cards and could begin with the normal amount as your beginning hand.





There is no coin in lor. At the beginning of the game the primary attacker is chosen randomly, and the same wide variety of cards are drawn for each gamers. We’ll should see how balanced this is as the meta forms. As of proper now it’s too early to tell if attacking first can have a considerable gain to warrant something just like the coin being carried out in lor.

The Mana System

Similar to hearthstone, in lor you gain mana passively every spherical. Any excess mana that you don’t use at the end of the spherical gets saved and can be used later.



You can shop up to a few excess mana and saved mana can best be used to cast spells, no longer creatures.


How Turns and Rounds Work

Turns are very one of a kind in lor compared to hearthstone. In hearthstone, gamers trade turns and to your flip you draw a card and play what you want supplied you have enough mana.

In lor, you have rounds and turns. Each round is constructed from alternating turns where the gamers cycle movements. One participant is given the attack token on the start of every round, and it alternates. The participant with this token is the initiator of an attack, and the defender can choose how to block.

Within a spherical, gamers trade turns. You don’t regain mana or draw playing cards on a new turn. Once you take an motion, that is resolving a spell or playing a creature, your turn ends. After two players bypass their flip with out taking any moves, the round ends.





You regain mana and draw a card at the start of every round. At the start of your spherical, you get to take the first turn and get an assault token. The attack token method you can declare attackers to provoke combat.

If you finish the spherical with out the use of your attack token then you definately lose it. Similar to hearthstone, harm taken is everlasting until health is restored by using some other supply or a unit’s health is buffed.

You may simplest play one unit in step with turn. There’s a sure delight in hearthstone from just losing a ton of gadgets all out right away. Simply something that took a touch adjusting to in lor.

The max quantity of devices you can have summoned at once is 6 in lor. In hearthstone it’s miles 7 so be cautious not to summon a further unit, in any other case it’ll be destroyed in lor.


In hearthstone, spells cast can not be spoke back to (unless by way of a secret performed on a previous turn). In lor, gamers have a hazard to respond to spells. First let’s move over the special spell kinds.

There are 3 exceptional spell sorts in lor and may be cast at different times relying on the assets of the spell:


Require a round to technique and can not be cast at some point of fight.


Permit your opponent to react but can nonetheless be solid at some point of combat.


Immediately and may be solid each time without a response from your opponent.

This creates a totally extraordinary mechanic than hearthstone, in which you have to think about what an opponent may play in that specific second and if you should anticipate that by saving mana. The result is a few really cool back and forth countering every different’s moves.



In hearthstone, simplest the attacker has duties for the duration of fight, so if it’s no longer your flip you do not anything. In lor, as soon as a player broadcasts their attacking units fight starts. You can not play devices during fight.

In lor, the attacking participant declares its attacking gadgets to hit face and the defender gets to select which devices to dam and with what. Every defender can simplest block one attacker. Although in lor you can’t play units for the duration of combat, you may still play spells.,




Subsequently, units that block can attack next flip, so there may be no penalty for blockading. As in hearthstone, devices will sustain all hp loss (until they have got the regeneration property).

One aspect you need to do not forget is that spells may be carried out to units in between when they’re declared to assault and whilst the assault in reality resolves.

This creates an vital dynamic that doesn’t surely exist in hearthstone wherein attackers can bait defenders into negative trades while buffs/debuffs are implemented to gadgets after attackers/defenders have been declared.

Attempt to maintain this in mind while balancing how a great deal mana you’re spending within every spherical, and hold an eye fixed on how a lot mana your opponent nonetheless has.


Hero Power/Champion Cards

Specific ability to hearthstone that doesn’t exist in lor. The only manner to spend mana in lor is to play a card!

Whilst there may be no hero strength in lor, there are champion cards. Even as heroes in hearthstone are greater like factions, champions in lor are actual cards for your deck. You are restricted to six champion playing cards per deck.

Champion cards have the capacity to level up whilst a specific circumstance in their card textual content has been met (similar to the search mechanic in hearthstone).


Deck Construction

In hearthstone, you pick out one elegance to assemble a deck with. In lor, you may assemble decks with up to two one of a kind factions. Hearthstone built has wellknown mode which has a limited card choice from latest expansions and the basic set, and wild mode wherein all cards are allowed.

We’ll have to see how lor addresses this in the destiny, but for now all cards are expected to be available for built decks on launch.





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