Dragonslayer Kled New Skin

 Dragonslayer Kled New Skin
Okunuyor Dragonslayer Kled New Skin

Kled Dragon Slayer – Skin concept

League of legends gamers yet again took topics into their very own fingers and present the idea of the skin for one of the characters. This time it fell on kled.

Dragonslayer kled
Robert song is liable for the concept, consistent with which the “dragonslayer” collection perfectly suits kled. Specially due to the fact the hero can certainly experience one of the dragons. Arysta determined this a funny comic story and a great possibility to create a idea.


Regardless of the reality that we will mirror on a unusual friendship with skarl, the entire skin is nicely-polished. A slight amendment of the voice to reflect the environment of the helmet and we have a first rate mythical skin.



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