Champions Waiting For More Than 1000 Costume Updates

Champions Waiting For More Than 1000 Costume Updates
Okunuyor Champions Waiting For More Than 1000 Costume Updates

Riot informed some time ago that he would take skins for characters who have been waiting for new cosmetics for the longest time.

There are so many characters in League of Legends that some of them are waiting for skins much longer than others. Until now, Zilean was the hero who broke all records.

Riot, however, took pity on him and now someone else took the name of the character who waits the longest. The latest addition to the list is Kennen.


Characters that wait over 1000 days

Skarner and Xerath are in the first two places. They both got skins recently in 2015. Then Mordekaiser, Rek’Sai, and TOP 5 closes Vel’Koz.

Hero Date you received your last skin Days after receiving the skin
Skarner 4/26/2015 1703
Xerath 4/26/2015 1703
Mordekaiser 5/20/2015 1679
Rek’Sai 6/25/2015 1643
Vel’Koz 3/31/2016 1363
Sion 4/13/2016 1350
Kindred 5/25/2016 1308
Shyvana 5/25/2016 1308
Volibear 06/01/2016 1301
TARIC 7/13/2016 1259
Kalista 8/17/2016 1224
Pantheon 09/07/2016 1203
Maokai 11/08/2016 1141
nautilus 10/11/2016 1139
Bard 11/17/2016 1132
Karthus 11/17/2016 1132
Azir 1/19/2017 1069
quinn 02/02/2017 1055
Zyra 09/03/2017 1020
kennen 3/29/2017 1000

Riot emphasized in 2019 that he would take up cosmetics for the most neglected characters. It is for them that we can expect something new and fresh in 2020.

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