9.24 Pbe Patch Notes 9 Korean Build

9.24 Pbe Patch Notes 9 Korean Build
Okunuyor 9.24 Pbe Patch Notes 9 Korean Build

What do you usually play in Korea at the moment and what do you think will soon be weakened?

Korea is a very interesting region, which often sets completely new ways to play League of Legends. The local players have a slightly different approach to tactics, so you can often see something interesting there.

The Korean community has now selected the ten most powerful builds that they think will probably be weakened soon.

Builds in Korea that are worth knowing

Of course, some overlap with what you can meet. Others may surprise you.

Senna ADC – Glacia

Xayah ADC

Elise Jungle – Conqueror

Diana Mid w / Ardent

Taric Mid + Omnistone / Yi Jungle

Thresh (Roaming)


Jayce Top

A broader overview of all builds in the ProBuilds movie.

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