9.22 TFT Patch Notes-TFT Set 2

 9.22 TFT Patch Notes-TFT Set 2
Okunuyor 9.22 TFT Patch Notes-TFT Set 2

Hello everyone, in this article I will give you very important information.

With the TFT 9.22 patch, the game looks to change completely.

You will understand the most important news of this soon.

I know there are a lot of things to be curious about, and today I will respond to all of them.

First of all, if there are questions I can’t answer about our article and if you have any questions, you can write to us from the comments section.

In addition, if you answer the questions you know in the comments will be very useful for other players in our friends.

If you wish, let’s move on to our topics without waiting too long.


9.22 When will the TFT appear?


Friends, this topic is quite open to discussion.

Riot Games, in your most recent comment for TFT, said they should wait after the 9.21 TFT Patch update.

And after this announcement, Riot Games outlined a number of successive bombs.

They presented us with 5 games on mobile.

You can watch the videos of 5 new games from the videos below.


Obviously everyone’s biggest expectation since mobile games become widespread When is LOL Mobile Released? It was the question.

Friends announced that they would release 5 Mobile games after 2020, although no clear dates were given.

As for our main topic, it is being talked about the major change in the TFT will be published in December.


What is TFT Set 2?


What is TFT Set 2? Friends, this is one of the most asked questions.

Since its inception, TFT has faced many questions about items and champions.

What is TFT Set 2? One of the questions will be an example of this question.

In the TFT Set 2, the champions will be completely changed, but the old champions will be completely removed, even if it is not yet clear.


What will happen in TFT Set 2?


I mentioned above that the Champions will change completely in TFT Set 2.

But it is not yet clear whether the former champions will be lifted.

It is also expected to be in new arenas.

And besides, it’s likely to come in expressions, tiny legends and new symbols.


How will the arrays be in TFT Set 2?


With the change of champions, there will be big changes in the sequence.

It will be quite effective to win games in the New Champions Series below.

TFT New Classes

  • Messrs
  • mystics

TFT New Origins

  • Flame
  • Desert
  • Poison

TFT New Champions

  • Renekton
  • Vladimir
  • Olaf
  • Syndra
  • Annie
  • Nasus
  • Diana
  • Luxury
  • Us
  • Thresh
  • Master Yi
  • office
  • Ezreal
  • Sivir
  • Kog’Maw
  • Jax



 Some of the origin and champion details from TFT Set 2  shared by Dora on Twitter :

Zyra goes down to TFT with Set 2. The ability to summon Flame Spiters cannot be targeted at two if random cells.
Annie’s talent at TFT will be calling Tibbers. Tibbers will deal magic damage to all opponents within the 2-cell field.




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