9.21 PBE Patch Notes

 9.21 PBE Patch Notes
Okunuyor 9.21 PBE Patch Notes

Hello friends, in this article I will tell you which patches will be available in the PBE of the League of Legends 9.21.

This change is expected to come in October.

However, there is no clear information about what will happen.

But there will be a few changes that will excite you.

9.21 There are two possible features in the PBE Patch.

These can be called Yeni New Costumes and New Theme ‘  .

The theme and costumes will be presented as a witch theme and witch costume for Halloween  .

9.21 In the PBE Patch, you can see the following features with video and pictures below.

Click here for the 9.20 PBE and 9.20 TFT Patch Notes .

9.21 PBE Patch Notes




Let’s start with the statements first.

The expressions will be as you see below in this Patch.

9.21 patch expressions



Totem Views

There is not much choice in totem views.

9.21 patch wax totem view


Not yet Shared.


Goods and Runes

Not yet Shared.



Summoner Icons

Summon icons will be as you see below.

9.21 Patch Summon Icons


And Costumes …


The expected changes in the costumes will be as you see below.

What do you think are different and cute costumes?

You can share with us in the comments.



Kont Kassadin

Witch Miss Fortune

Witch Miss Fortune Prestige Series (100 Prestige Points)

Witch Cauldron Blitzcrank (1350 RP)




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