9.18 TFT Patch Notes

 9.18 TFT Patch Notes
Okunuyor 9.18 TFT Patch Notes

9.18 TFT Patch Notes

9.18 Information about the TFT Patch Notes can be found on this page. TFT Riot Video games developed by a kind of Ch Auto Chess ”participating in the fury TFT, Turkish Tactical Wars. League of Legends champions are put on the field, the necessary combinations are made and you can watch the battle by strengthening with items. If you want to examine the Tactical Wars Patch Notes historically, you  can take a look here .

Patch 9.18 Let’s start reviewing the TFT patch notes.

9.18 TFT patch notes will be renewed as new updates arrive. Stay tuned for now. We will be updating this post as the changes arrive!

Tft 9.17



  • [NOT YET!]


The following TFT changes are in the experimental stage, they are not certain to arrive.


  • [NOT YET!]


  • [NOT YET!]

Tft 9.19

Tft 9.19


Items with translation errors will be corrected.

sparring glovesFighting Gloves

  • + 10% Likelihood of Avoidance
  • + 10% Critical Strike

thiefs glovesThief’s Glove

  • Making: Fighter Gloves + Fighter Gloves
  • The champion who uses this item cannot use any item other than this item.
  • The champion who uses the Thief Glove at the start of each hand wins 2 random items. Item quality depends on the champion star.

hand of justiceFist of Justice

  • Making: Fighting Gloves + Tear of the Goddess
  • Using this item, the champion gains 40% damage increase during the planning phase OR 40 lives per hit.

infinity edge Eternal Sword

  • Making: Fighting Gloves + SINGLE SWORD
  • Critical hits hit more than 200%.

arcane gauntletMagic Gloves

  • Making: Fighter Gloves + Extra Large Stick
  • The champion’s ability to use this item can cause critical damage.


  • Making: Fighter Gloves + Negatron Cloak
  • Disables the next mass control effect. Refreshes every 5 seconds.

iceborn GauntletIceborn Gloves

  • Making: Fighter Gloves + Chain Vest
  • Creates an area of ​​ice that reduces attack speed by 30% during avoidance. This area can be enlarged.


  • Making: Fighter Gloves + Giant Belt
  • The champion who uses this item wins a magic shield at the beginning of the game. The opponent champion who breaks this shield is stunned.

repeating CrossbowRepeating Crossbow

  • Making: Fighting Gloves + Sniper Bow
  • When the champion who uses this item dies, he transfers it to a friendly champion. It gains 20% critical hit chance and 20% attack speed when transferring. This load can be accumulated at each transfer.

mittensMittens (Small Gloves?)

  • Making: Fighting Gloves + Spatula
  • Provides + 10% Critical Chance and + 10% Avoidance.
  • The user is also a Yordle.

lords EdgeLord’s Edge (King’s Sword?)

  • The champion who uses this item cannot use any other item.
  • This item cannot be given to the champion who already has one item.
  • Gives ONE sword in massacres. The SINGLE Swords gained at the beginning of each hand disappear again.

last whisperLast whisper

  • Making: Saber Sword + Sniper Bow
  • The champions who use this item never miss. (This feature has been removed from the Bomber Cannon)
  • Deals 5% of the target’s maximum amount of real damage.

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