4 Fan Concepts For Skins

4 Fan Concepts For Skins
Okunuyor 4 Fan Concepts For Skins

One of the well-known authors of fan ideas shared 4 concepts for Sett skins.

4 fancy skins ideas for the newest League of Legends hero have appeared on Twitter.

These were the most popular and most liked skins in 2019 in League of Legends

Fan ideas for Sett skins


Nebura posted more fan- themed ideas for skins on his Twitter. This time she created 4 projects for the latest LoL hero – Sett. We can see: Cottontail, Debonair, Luchador and Heartbreaker Setta.

The author is known for making all references to JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure (e.g. Aphelios Stando User). This time there was also this – in the background of the second idea we see Doppio.

After her many graphics with fan skins, it can also be concluded that she loves to create new ideas from the Cottontail series.


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