10.1 LOL Parche Notas

10.1 LOL Parche Notas
Okunuyor 10.1 LOL Parche Notas

10.1 Detalles de las notas del parche LOL

Hola amigos, les daré una breve información sobre las notas del parche League of Legends  10.1  .
En nuestro artículo de League of Legends 10.1, verás muchas mejoras, y debajo verás muchas sorpresas.

9.25 PBE  este artículo queremos informarle que 9.25 PBE  aún no se ha compartido. También puede ver nuestro artículo sobre  10.1 TFT  haciendo clic aquí. Espere hasta el  10.01.2020  para los parches  9.25 PBE  y  9.25 TFT
que compartiremos con usted por ahora.

10.2 Las  notas del parche LOL se compartirán con usted a medida que lleguen nuevas actualizaciones a nuestro sitio. Estén atentos por ahora.
¡Actualizaremos esta publicación a medida que lleguen los cambios!

Fecha de lanzamiento del parche: 07 de enero de 2020

Destacado en parche


Sylas of Freljord se lanzará el 10 de enero de 2020. El Reino de Sett y MEKA Sett se lanzarán el 14 de enero de 2020. Meka Kingdoms Garen Prestige Series, Draven, Garen, Leona y Jax se lanzarán el 15 de enero de 2020.

Inicio de temporada

The 2020 Season starts on January 10th at 04.00! Get ready for another year full of competition, glory and frustration.




Sett is coming to rule the Valley at 10.1.

  • Universe Page

Get full resolution images of Sett in the LoL Images app!


Base movement speed and life decreased. Field effect damage of Infernum’s R decreased for secondary targets.

Infernum should be Aphelios’s best ulti option, when 3-5 opponents meet at one point. And the “best” here doesn’t mean he has to throw a whole team. Even if we reduce the damage a little, we think that the ability will remain the best option against the opponents standing close to each other, and we are going to make such adjustments.

Base attributes

MOVEMENT SPEED 330  ⇒  325
CAN 530  ⇒  500

R – Moonlight Rotation

INFERNUM STRENGTHENED FIELD EFFECTIVE DAMAGE 100% to  secondary targets ⇒  75% to secondary targets



Aurelion Sol

Base damage of passive stars is reduced.

Aurelion Sol’s petite control in the early stages is now a bit too high for its immediate damage potential to its rival in the corridor. Although we have removed some of this damage from the early stages, we still want the champion to reach such heights in the later stages of the game.

Passive – Universal Center

BASE STAR DAMAGE 1-18. at levels 16-120  ⇒  1-18. levels 12-120




R’s base damage and wall time increased.

We think that we can strengthen Azir a little because of the weakening of Yenilmez and the low incidence of professional games last year.

R – Imperial Guards

BASE DAMAGE 150/250/450  ⇒  175/325/475
WALL TIME 3 seconds  ⇒  5 seconds




R’s base damage increased in advanced skill levels.

We’re strengthening Corki so that he doesn’t greatly increase his petite mowing skills in the early stages of the game, but in general he brings the ability-based shooter to the forefront. As in Azir, which does not exist in professional games, we are cautious and optimistic.

R – Missile Salvo

BASE DAMAGE 90/115/140  ⇒  90/125/160




His R now works with Guinsoo’s Fury.

R – The Power of the Great Master

GUINSOO’S HIDDEN Now gaining the effects of Guinsoo’s Fury.



The base damage of Q’s ball increased in advanced skill levels.

In general, Jayce is not doing very well at the moment. It is clear that with the departure of Arakçı, he needs some support from other angles. Even though the armor-breaking reinforcements that came in late last year helped him a bit, we will try to make his famous instant damage a little more prominent.

Q – Shock Explosion

DAMAGE TO THE  BASE 55/105/155/205/255/305 ⇒  55/110/165/220/275/330




Increased base life and armor growth.

Even after strengthening in Kalista 9.22, it is quite weak. Therefore, we strengthen the champion’s mid and advanced survival skills. This will allow you to do more frequent damage in clashes and team battles. As in Azir, which does not exist in professional games, we are cautious and optimistic.

Base attributes

CAN GROWTH RATE 89  ⇒  100




Movement speed decreased. The mana term of R is now shown on the icon.

Kassadin is a little too successful in the medium skill levels. By targeting the players who run horses as they wish and have the chance to go all over the map, we draw down the champion’s navigation and escape potential.

Base attributes

MOVEMENT SPEED 340  ⇒  335

R – Gap Transition

WEAK OUTLOOK The duration of Kassadin’s mana weakening is now shown in the R’s frame.




The mana term of R is now shown on the icon.

R – Live Mortar

WEAK OUTLOOK The duration of Kog’Maw’s mana attenuation is now shown in the R’s frame.




The duration of the passive decreased; The movement speed is constant at all levels.

According to a crusher, it’s hard to get away from the Mordekaiser and hit him. In addition, given the synergy between Rylai’s Crystal Scepter, it is almost impossible to get rid of the Mordekaiser.

Passive – Dark Torment

DURATION 5 seconds  ⇒  4 seconds
MOTION SPEED 1/6/11. 3/6/9 at levels  ⇒  1-18. 3% at levels




E now strengthens the capabilities of the target.

Most myths are designed almost exclusively to support the shooter, and this is also true of Nami. However,  we think that we can extend the champion’s functionality in such a way that it can help both snipers based on normal attacks  and skill-based champions.

E – Wave Calling Gift

GIFT Strengthens  the next 3 normal attacks of the target ⇒  Strengthens the next 3 normal attacks and abilities of the target  (Field effective abilities strengthened by the Wave Caller’s Gift inflicts 33-66% less damage to targets other than champions)




Base can growth rate increased. Ice Armor resistance rates increased. E’s base damage increased at advanced skill levels.

We are pleased that Sejuani is a tank whose power increases with time. Therefore, we reinforce this identity and strengthen our ability to strengthen over time. We maintain their weakness in the early stages.

Base attributes

CAN GROWTH RATE 95  ⇒  100

Passive – Fury of the North

ICE ARMOR 10 (+0,35 Additional Armor) Additional Armor and 10 (+0,35 Additional Magic Resistance) Additional Magic Resistance  ⇒  10 (+0,5 Additional Armor) Additional Armor and 10 (+0,5 Additional Magic Resistance) Extra Magic Resistance

E – Heavy Ice

DAMAGE TO THE  BASE 40/80/120/160/200 ⇒  40/90/140/190/240




The Ancient Dragon gains resistance when cutting. When the Cloud Dragon is cut, the ultimate gains an increase in rage instead of waiting time. E’s marked target damage rate and limit on damage to monsters increased.

According to a dragon killer dragon girl, Shyvana could not take advantage of the new dragon interactions that came with the Rise of the Elements. We’re correcting this, and we’re putting a little reinforcements into its constant damage.

Passive – Rage of the Dragon

DRAGON HUNTER Shyvana now earns  5 Permanent Additional Armor and Magic Resistance for each element dragon and Ancient Dragon cut by his team  .
STRONG WINDS The Cloud Dragon now increases Shyvana’s Rage gain by 10/20/30/40%  (because the ulti has no waiting time) .

E – Flame Breath

MARKED TARGET DAMAGE RATE 3.25% of maximum target life  ⇒  3.75% of maximum target life




Baseline qualities decreased in early stages and increased in advanced stages. The passive now provides attack speed. W’s waiting time is reduced. E has increased ROI. The normal attack reset of W, E1 and R is lifted.

It’s hard to balance Sylas for players of all skill levels. Besides, the champion has undergone a lot of changes since his release. So we promised to make bigger changes to reduce the difference between Sylas players at different skill levels, except for numerical adjustments.

First, we make the early stages of the corridor phase similar to those of champions like Ekko and Fizz. These champions have less control in the corridor in the early stages, but become stronger as they level up. We also stabilize him as a midway champion and prioritize changes that would encourage his use here instead of other aisles. And finally, by removing the E> Q combo and slowing down the normal attack pattern, we are trying to maintain a heavy-handed gameplay for timing normal attacks and slowing down the pace of the opponents’ lives.

We will follow Sylas closely in the coming months to see the status of the changes!

Base attributes

CAN 585  ⇒  525
CAN GROWTH RATE 95  ⇒  115
ARMOR 32  ⇒  27

Passive – Petricidal Explosion

PRIMARY TARGET DAMAGE RATE 1,1 Total Attack Strength (+0,2 Ability Strength)  ⇒  1,1 Total Attack Strength (+0,25 Ability Strength)
AREA 400 Range  ⇒  300 Range
NEW CHAIN ​​ATTACKS Increases Sylas attack speed by 60% when available.
PETRISIT EXPLOSION 2 loads  ⇒  3 loads
NEW MINION EXECUTIVE The secondary target, which is now under 25 lives, is carrying out the minions.

Q – Whip Chain

BEKLEME SÜRESİ9/8/7/6/5 saniye  10/9/8/7/6 saniye
ZİNCİR HASARI45/70/95/120/145 (+0,6 Yetenek Gücü)  40/55/70/85/100 (+0,4 Yetenek Gücü)
PATLAMA HASARI45/70/95/120/145 (+0,6 Yetenek Gücü)  60/105/150/195/240 (+0,8 Yetenek Gücü)
KALDIRILDIPATLAMA YAVAŞLATMASIArtık isabet alan rakipleri 2 saniyeliğine yavaşlatmıyor.
YENİZİNCİRLENMİŞArtık E – Kaçır sırasında kullanılamıyor.

W – Kral Katili

KALDIRILDINORMAL SALDIRI SIFIRLAMAKral Katili’ni kullanmak artık Sylas’ın normal saldırılarını sıfırlamıyor.
HASAR65/100/135/170/205 (+0,65 Yetenek Gücü)  65/100/135/170/205 (+0,85 Yetenek Gücü)
BEKLEME SÜRESİ14/13,5/13/12,5/12 saniye  14/12,5/11/9,5/8 saniye
KALDIRILDIMERHAMETArtık canı %40’ın altında olan hedeflere fazladan %50 Hasar vermiyor.
ARTTIRILMIŞ İYİLEŞTİRMESylas’ın canı %40’ın altındaysa %75 daha fazla iyileştirme sağlar  Sylas’ın canına bağlı olarak daha fazla iyileştirir, %40 Canda en yüksek miktara ulaşarak %100 iyileştirir
BEDEL40 Mana  70/80/90/100/110 Mana

E – Firar/Kaçır

KALDIRILDIE1’İN NORMAL SALDIRI SIFIRLAMASIFirar’ı kullanmak artık Sylas’ın normal saldırılarını sıfırlamıyor.
E2 HASARI70/85/100/115/130 (+0,2 Yetenek Gücü)  80/130/180/230/280 (+1,0 Yetenek Gücü)
KALDIRILDIKALKANArtık 2 saniyeliğine büyü kalkanı kazandırmıyor.
BEKLEME SÜRESİ14 saniye  14/13/12/11/10 saniye
KULLANIM ARALIĞIKaçır isabet ettiğinde hareket ederken 0,2 saniye  Kaçır isabet ettikten sonra hareket ederken 0,05 saniye

R – Gasp

KALDIRILDINORMAL SALDIRI SIFIRLAMAGasp’ı kullanmak artık Sylas’ın normal saldırılarını sıfırlamıyor.




Q’nun bekleme süresi ve Maraz’ın bekleme süresi iadesi azaldı.

Since the last major changes to Varus in 2018, the champion’s role as a nudge shooter has been weak. Since he is a skill-based shooter, this is the best game for him. Therefore, we strengthen this aspect.

Q – Down Arrow

WAITING TIME 20/18/16/14/12 seconds  ⇒  18/16/14/12/10 seconds
MARAZ WAITING TIME RETURN 4 seconds  ⇒  3 seconds




The R can no longer be stopped during the lifetime.

We’re going to have a quality-of-life change in Vi ultimately. Thus, the ability now works more consistently against tossing and tossing back, ensuring that Vi does not abandon its target during its lifetime.

R – Attack and Attack

NEW ONE STOP ME you, I CAN VI unstoppable until completion uppercut.




Amplification E’s deceleration decreased.

Since there was no difference between exposing an Ivy Whip and two Ivy Whips, Zyra had no good reason to call more than one plant. But now that the Ivy Whips can accumulate slowing effects, Zyra has to make a plan in advance and think about which plant to grow.

E – Closing Roots

SLOWING OF VIRGIN WHIPPERS 30% does not accumulate  ⇒  25% accumulates at most twice but accumulates a load per plant.



Support Items

We are adding new support items changes in 9.23 and updating these items to encourage users to do more in the early stages of the game in exchange for some conflict attributes. Tank champions will be a little more durable and skill-weighted champions will have more mana.

Contact Yadigâr directly


Targon Shield


Mountain Trench

TALENT POWER 40  ⇒  25

Steel Shoulder Holder


Wool Steel Shoulder Holder


Akkaya Shoulder

SALDIRI GÜCÜ 24  ⇒  15

Ghost Sickle


Harrowing Hilali


Black Fog Scythe

SALDIRI GÜCÜ 35  ⇒  25
CAN 150  ⇒  100

The Magic Thief




Real Ice Piece

CAN 150  ⇒  100
TALENT POWER 60  ⇒  45


R days


It now appears in the total improvement clue it provides.

IMPROVEMENT INDICATOR It now appears when the total improvement provided and the score table is over the rune.

 Prototype: Heptaş

Waiting time is reduced.

Heptaş’s performance is still significantly low. That’s why we’re empowering him to compete with other runes.

WAITING TIME 7-3 seconds for melee champions, 11-7 seconds for melee champions  ⇒  5-3 seconds for melee champions, 9-7 seconds for melee champions

Bug Fixes

  • Warwick’s  Q-Cani Teeth  no longer consume mana or enter standby time when the target is massacred during use.
  • The additional attack speed of the special passive of the Hot Censer is no longer effective on champions with shields.
  • Talent shots, normally out of sight, no longer warn you when you’re in War Sisi.

Coming Soon Costumes and Colors

You can find the costumes that will be published on the days following the release of this patch. Get the LoL Images app for opening images in full resolution!

Meka Kingdoms Jax

Meka Kingdoms Leona

Meka Kingdoms Draven

Meka Kingdoms Set

Meka Kingdoms Yarn

Meka Kingdoms Yarn Prestige Series

Freljord’lu Sylas

Estos son los colores que se lanzarán los días posteriores al lanzamiento de este parche:

Freljord’lu Sylas

Meka Kingdoms Jax

Meka Kingdoms Draven

Conjunto de reinos Meka

Meka Kingdoms Leona


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