0.9.3 Patch Notes – LOR 0.9.3 Patch Notes – LOR Patch Notes

 0.9.3 Patch Notes – LOR 0.9.3 Patch Notes – LOR Patch Notes
Okunuyor 0.9.3 Patch Notes – LOR 0.9.3 Patch Notes – LOR Patch Notes

 Greetings to all followers from the Lol Tactic Wars site,  welcome to the Fourth Patch of the LOR  Open Beta  today  . LOR 0.9.3 Patch Notes  , which  is the third  LOR Patch Notes for  LOR, have  been presented to us as the fourth patch.

In our article, we will share many topics and details about the patch with you.

Let’s go to our article if you wish.

LOR Developer Notes

Queue Counters and “Burning Rope”

  • There will be no compromise to players who are straying.
  • Time Spenders will receive suspension.

Updates in the Economy


You will be able to earn Unlimited Cash.

  • The Discovery Trip Symbol will appear from 2+ level-over safes (previously 10+).
  • A random champion card will be released from the safes above 5+ levels.
  • The champion joker card will now be released from the safes over 10+ levels.
  • After level 13, you will receive additional capsules.
  • Unlimited capsules can be earned.

Win XP

Unlimited XP will be gained in PVP and Artificial Intelligence games.

  • You will gain 200 XP from normal wins and 100 XP in Expedition wins.
  • 100 XP in 1-10 wins
  • 50XP in 11+ wins

Joker Cards and Direct Card Purchase

You will be able to get unlimited Joker cards.

Discovery Trip

Expedition Costs were drawn to 2000 crystals and 200 LORAs.

  • Expedition cost reduced to 2000 Crystals or 200 LoRa (was 3000 Crystals or 300 LoRa).
  • Discovery Trip rewards have been updated:
    • 0 wins: Epic Capsule
      • There will be 2 rare cards and 2 common cards in each capsule. Both these cards and the capsule itself are likely to rise randomly.
    • 1 win: Epic Capsule, 100 Crystals
    • 2 wins: Epic Capsule, 200 Crystals
    • 3 wins: Epic Capsule, 200 Crystals, Common Joker Card
    • 4 wins: Epic Capsule, 300 Crystals, 2 Common Joker Cards
    • 5 wins: Epic Capsule, 500 Crystals, Rare Joker Card, Common Joker Card
    • 6 wins: Epic Capsule, 1000 Crystals, Rare Joker Card, Common Joker Card
    • 7 wins: Epic Capsule, 2000 Crystals, 2 Rare Joker Cards
  • Additional details:
    • High Cost Discovery Trips that you started before 0.9.3 will give you the rewards before the update.
    • When 0.9.3 comes into play, players will be given 1000 Crystals for each Expedition Symbol, which is already in their bags, to compensate for the cheapness of the  Expedition Symbols  .
      • Just be careful, we will not do this “in ceremony”, crystals will only be added to your total amount of crystals.

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