0.9.1 Patch Notes – LOR 0.9.1 Patch Notes – LOR Patch Notes

 0.9.1 Patch Notes – LOR 0.9.1 Patch Notes – LOR Patch Notes
Okunuyor 0.9.1 Patch Notes – LOR 0.9.1 Patch Notes – LOR Patch Notes

Greetings to all followers from the Lol Tactic Wars site,  welcome to the Third Patch of the LOR Open Beta today  . The LOR 0.9.1 Patch Notes  , which  is the third  LOR Patch Notes for  LOR  , are presented to us as the third patch.

In our article, we will share many topics and details about the patch with you.

Let’s go to our article if you wish.

LOR Developer Notes

  • Animations will speed up
  • Draven’s ax shot animations and other animations will be partially removed
  • Card withdrawal and Summon status will accelerate
  • Some cards have slow animation and they will speed up

LOR Boards

  • LOR We’re Boards
  • LOR Jinx Boards
The Tahta

Their Jinx Boards

The Tahta

We Are Boars

LOR Guards

  • Petite
Their Guardians


Updates to LOR Guards

  • Silverwing and Gloomtooth make less noise while standing idle.
  • Basilisk’s tail and Cub Gromp’s (Gromp Jr.) legs will no longer get into some boards.

Speed ​​and Feel of LOR Game

All of the following topics are speeded up

  • Calling a unit
  • Picking a card
  • Dragging units to attack
  • Slow and Fast magic play
  • Playing instant spells
  • Return of the priority disc at the start of the tour

LOR Friend Challenge XP

  • Win XP: 100 → 200
  • Defeat XP: 0 → 100
  • You will not gain XP after five wins (unchanged) and five losses per day by challenging your friend.

LOR Deck Founder

The number of cards will now be represented by “beads” (when you see you will immediately understand what we are talking about). Beads will better tell you how many copies you have from that card, how many are used in the deck, and how many are not.

LOR Fixed Bugs

  • Hovering over the Territory Road rewards over and over will not cause the screen to be overshadowed by shadows. It was terrible.
  • Your expressions will also be hidden when you silence your opponents.
  • The Rekindler and The Harrowing will no longer bring back champions who have cast only champion spells (they must normally bring back champions that have been played and died).
  • Champions will level up as they should when they return from Detain, if the leveling conditions are met while under Detain effect.
  • When you select Discipline of Fortitude in Twin Disciplines, the correct text effect will now be displayed.
  • Players will no longer get stuck on the loading screen when logging out of League of Legends and entering LoR  (announced on past patch notes but not entering the patch) .
  • Players logging into LoR from different devices will now experience fewer crashes  (announced in past patch notes but not able to patch) .

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